Time Warner broke my DVR

I thought I would share this in case anyone else is ready to fling their DVR out the window and use it as a skeet clay. This is the email I sent Time Warner Cable today regarding my DVR box which is no longer even functional thanks to their newest unwelcome ‘upgrade’. Feel free to copy and paste it to your own cable company and perhaps they’ll stop trying to make things prettier at the expense of useful features…

The Time Warner DVR Program Guide is broken. Several weeks ago, without warning or permission my Program Guide was ‘upgraded’??? Features I’ve come to depend on for managing my DVR’s saved programs were lost.
These broken features include:

1. If I play a saved program from the Show List and then want to delete it the Show List no longer remembers which entry I had played and starts from the top again. This is by far the BIGGEST flaw.

2. If I want to record a program and keep it, I used to be able to do it from the original record options, now I have to go to the recording a second time and open a second record options dialog to keep a recording indefinitely.

3. When you delete a running program from the Show List and push down to the next program immediately it jumps to the showing from the Guide instead of the Show List. My work around is to wait a few seconds after deleting and the Show List will become available again.

The only real improvement I noticed was the show list feature ‘sort by title’ that might have been there before but I didn’t need it because the Guide actually worked. This is just what I’ve recalled as I write this now, I’m sure more annoyances will resurface after I mail this off. Let’s just say, I’m not impressed with the ‘cool new look’ of your ‘improved’ Guide. Another product that has sacrificed functionality for fancy drop shadows and gradients. Perhaps you should stop hiring Windows Vista programmers.

As with most of my complaints, suggestions and humor this is likely to be lost when the Bangladeshi Tech Support drone opens this email and decides which pre-made form answer is least likely to encourage me to write another email. I’m sure I’m over-thinking this and my email will probably merely be sorted into the same black hole where they deposit telemarketers’ souls.


I know most of you could give a shit, but some of us require our toys to work flawlessly and intelligently so we don’t have to…