A local female teacher got popped several weeks ago for having sex with one of her male students, another this weekend. And like usual, they are pretty damned attractive…. I can’t believe I can say ‘like usual’ and not be kidding. Now don’t get me wrong, I imagine there are ugly teachers having sex with students, but what teenage kid is gonna go around bragging that he’s banging some old battleaxe.

I know we’ve heard this story before however, what was shocking is that it happens so frequently there are website devoted to the phenomenon in fact, Tampa Bay, FL was able to make a Google Maps mashup of the most recent incidents.

Everyone has a “How I Lost My Virginity” story. I’m no different. I don’t suppose everyone’s story involves a teacher or in my case a 36 year old nurse. Somehow I get the impression that kids are having sex even sooner than they were when I was growing up. Sometimes I wish I had one of those awkward self-discovery stories where two teens fumble around nervously exploring each others sexuality instead of the rather explicit tutorials I was exposed to as an insatiable 14 year old boy. Although, I’m sure the first few girlfriends after that were thankful for those tutorials.

I’m really having a moral dilemma regarding adults having sex with sexually active teens. I haven’t really entertained sex with a teenager of any age since about the time I could sit at a bar legally. But even though this lady was my first, I was certainly not unwilling and I’m sure it’s safe to assume neither were these boys. As far as the girls are concerned I’ll be the devil’s advocate and wonder what is more psychologically detrimental, being coerced by a hormonally unbalanced teenage boy who is not likely to last in a relationship any longer than he did in bed or an older person who has more patience and facility to romance a confused and perhaps self conscious teenage girl. I’m wondering if Western society’s feelings regarding these relations are based on any real potential for harm or just some long forgotten knee-jerk reaction.

What do you think?