Razing Arizona

I know you were expecting me to clown around but we have a real problem in our society today. We have pundits and antagonists from every political angle blaming one another for society’s ills and inciting angry no-nothing sociopaths to try and fix a slow watch with a sledgehammer. But  I learned in Kindergarten that the kids that point fingers are usually just as guilty. Well, we dug our own Foxhole, we’re served over-simplified answers easier than Google and we get it wrapped up with easy to read graphics like USA Today. If someone tries to wrap up a complex issue with no evidence and a fancy sound bite, you should ask them if their conviction is so strong that they would felate you if they’re wrong. It seems to me the people that are busy solving our ‘ills’ don’t have time to make talking points.

More so, there is a segment of our population that feel they should be treated like snowflakes, fragile and one-of-a-kind. Well I have GREAT NEWS for you! You are a unique snowflake… Just like every other snowflake. Everyone is the first one to do something or other at some point in their life and further more they are the first one to do ANYTHING by their perspective and that’s what this is about after all isn’t it, your perspective. Seems to me even with access to the whole of this world’s knowledge at one’s fingertips , it’s not going to make you any less of an asshole.

Jared Loughner makes a lousy Taxi Driver

I’m not going to mention either one of these fame-seeking shitbirds’ names just to avoid the Google’d traffic, but I’m surprised the media hasn’t jumped on the Taxi Driver corollary. Maybe it’s the fear of unleashing a torrent of closeted Travis Bickle’s who would swear they thought of it first.  I just wish that mugshot was taken after he discovered that Representative Giffords would survive so we aren’t left with the pretentious smirk of an idiot that thought he succeeded instead of the disappointed scowl that must be on his face today.