What did I learn this weekend?

I’ve become abysmally bad at maintaining websites and spotting transsexuals.

Thankfully it only cost me having to start this website from the beginning with no backup.

It could have been much worse…

I’ll let you use your imagination.

OK, maybe that isn’t such a good idea… perverts.

4Play Clock for January 16th, 2008

  • Intro – Intro music and welcome to the show:
  • Gary: Hi, this is Gary Holmes and I drink a lot. Gary Holmes here, over to that guy.
  • Chris: Hey, this is the Uberbastard filling in for Gary’s dead air.
  • Guests in the Studio – Every week making the ladies feel awkward and uncomfortable
  • Barenjager – The honey goodness…
  • What and Where… – We’re drinking! So what’s the beverage du jour and where are we?
  • Cautionary tale of woe! – A QUICK tale of when booze got one of us or both of us in trouble and how YOU can avoid it.
  • Uber’s story.
  • News in Booze! –  A few drinking related news bits to spawn ridicule and laughter.
  • Top ten drunk authors
  • http://www.alternativereel.com/includes/top-ten/display_review.php?id=00075
  • Stuff
  • Dead Strippers sell no tail! – Something about us and strippers every week.
  • Taking your girlfriend to a strip club.  If you work there or go there a lot, not a good idea.
  • Weekly Blue Collar Booze pairing!
  • Boozeventure! Where we are drinking next, and where to find us!
  • Tapps?

Closing – Say goodnight Gracie