North Carolina vs. Florida

I started work today, I can’t tell you where, let’s just say it’s a state secret. I walked in the door and looked around for someone to tell me who I was reporting to and who was my supervisor. This in turn led to everyone thinking I was their personal “do boy”. I learned a lesson by the end of the day, just about the time the janitor was handing me a mop and either was teaching me to swabbing the deck or was recalling his time as a Mexican golf pro, I’m sorry, senor, I don’t habla Manuel Labour.

People keep on asking me how it is up here so here’s a few more observations about the difference between North Carolina and Florida.

  • Co-op is a lifestyle in North Carolina, from veggies to beer and coffee.
  • Florida food tastes freeze dried and vacuum packed by comparison now.
  • Basketball is like breathing in North Carolina, don’t even ask ‘who’s playing?’
  • There is no FARK category for North Carolina
  • Seasons in North Carolina: 4 In Florida: 2
  • The best friend I’ve met in North Carolina collects TRACTORS as a HOBBY
  • And finally, in North Carolina, when you leave your car on the side of the road, the state troopers call your mother 3 states away to see if you are OK.

I know I’ve been wane to write anything recently for any number of reasons, sometimes you’re so busy living you forget the importance of recounting the details. Besides I doubt there is an audience for my particular brand of idiocy anymore. But then I’m reminded that not only am I incredibly funny and intelligent… but according to popular opinion, also DEAD SEXY!!!

Top 10% DEAD SEXY… I understand your desire to mount me right now, I’m flattered now please take a number… NOW SERVING 47… 47!!!