Hot Scientist du Jour, Natalia Avseenko

So for the last few years I’ve been trying to ‘sexy up’ female scientists. We’re¬†inundated¬†constantly with images of moronic Real Jersey Kardashian Housewife sluts. Not one of them I would even trust to bake a pi (see what I did there). But seriously, if we want to see smarter women, we have to make it less appealing to be stupid. That’s why I love finding female scientists and try to find their sexy side.

But what happens when a scientist is already sexying up her science? Well it just makes my job that much easier.

Meet Natalia Avseenko, a crazy Russian diver who works naked with Beluga whales, yeah sure the whales are already nekkid, which is what makes it hot, whales are total nudists. She’s not particularly know as a scientist, but you might know her for holding the World’s Record for freediving without fins or weights at 57 meters. Jean Reno eat your heart out.

Now I’m not sure if this is an example of Marine Biologist humor, but these scientists had convinced Natalia that Beluga Whales don’t like the feeling of synthetic materials against their skin (who does?), so if she wanted to swim within touching distance, she was gonna have to drop trou, oh did I mention that Belugas typically only hang out in water that is best described as ‘ARCTIC’. Yeah, I’m guessing she coulda cut diamonds with those nips. Now that’s a video her Russian yoga beau shoulda threw on Youtube.

Natalia is a professor of Cross-Cultural Communications at Moscow State University. I’m thinking she’s seeking more Cross-SPECIES Communications with her forays into the Deep Blue and that language is the Language of LOVE. I get the impression that Russians love getting nekkid for a good cause. American women could learn a lot from these Slavic Sluts (of course I mean that in the most endearing way, I mean who doesn’t love sluts?).