Hot Scientist Du Jour, Fiorella Terenzi

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi is an astronomer who doesn’t fit into the usual mold of sky-gazers. So much so I had to ask myself “Is she for real?” She must be since you can buy 8″ X 10″ glossies of her face on her website. That’s right, another gratuitous self-promoter, but I guess you need to hawk everything you can to keep up her jet-setting lifestyle.

I mean SERIOUSLY! Who does she think she is, Buckaroo Bonzai? She runs around the world playing scientist, kung fu artist, recording artist, and social diva. She keeps company with celebrities and has composed with the likes of Herbie Hancock and Thomas Dolby, even Timothy Leary has drank this girl’s Koolaid.

She is relatively famous for making astronomy an aural experience, taking the spectral measurements of space and translating them to sound.

As for the experimental nekkidness there is only one Fiorella that can match the personality of this astronomer and do it bare-assed. That is the surreal Fiorella Saeda, she has the out-of-this-world features that compliment this otherworldly scientist.

I hope you enjoyed the World Science Festival and thank you for taking part in this experiment…