Happy Birthday to me…

That’s right, it’s that time of year when we all celebrate the birth of the most amazing person on Earth, me. I know, I know, some people will once again disguise their festivities by saying they are praising some Latin guy with a similar name. But we all know it’s all about me and I thank you….

My sweet friend Heather decided to throw me a party because apparently her birthday is somewhere around the same time. No troubles, I’m sure it will be a quaint affair. I’d invite my legions of fans, however most won’t be paroled in time for the party. The rest really don’t know how to read and simply look at the pretty pictures.

I don’t need any gifts because honestly you people wouldn’t have the first inkling of the things that excite me. For instance, last week my company gave me the best present ever by letting me drive a float in the local parade. It was awesome. Everyone loved me. Here’s a pic

However if you want to give me money I could make it worth your while. Perhaps I could give you a little lapdance while you… “make it rain”. Eh let’s face it, any lapdance from me isn’t likely to be ‘little’.

In other news I’m moving down the road this week, nothing dramatic, the house I live in now is as cold inside as out. Amy told me last week that this isn’t normal so we decided to get a normal house that includes heat.

One last thing, how come when I typed “Parade” in Google Images it gives me the exact same response as “Gay Parade” and please don’t ask why I typed “Gay Parade” in Google.