Five years of blissful torture

No one more than I would have ever thought that any woman would put up with my antics for 5 whole years. What with the endless parade of strippers and ne’er-do-wells that I regularly associate. I can only say that Amy’s most admirable trait is her stubbornness, for the last 5 years I’ve been telling her that she can’t handle me, I think she’s stuck around just to be contrary.

Usually a few months in, women start dictating all kinds of ultimatums and ‘improvements’, Amy never suffered from this mistake. You know, they start small, testing the water, “I’d rather see you in a different shirt”. If you give in, pretty soon she’ll have you dressing like a pansy in penny loafers and selling your motorcycle when you are an impressionable 22 year old boy who will NEVER FORGET and swear he’ll never let another woman dictate his life for him. Not that anything like that happened to me… Moving on…

Did you know 5 years was the wood anniversary. I didn’t, but Amy sure did. She undoubtably spent far too much money getting me a limited edition McDermott cue marked 5 of 30. I had wood for her as well, I think I ended up giving her splinters.

So the last few weeks have been a little (a lot) ridiculous. Between my birthday, our anniversary and the usual holidays we also moved into our new pad. Which aside from being covered in moving boxes is delightful. It’s managed by a sane person and doesn’t at all feel like an arctic wind tunnel.

Here’s a picture from the move:

My New Year’s Resolution is to torture the rest of you as much as I’ve tortured Amy this last 5 years.