Anonymous v. Co$

As most of you know, I am not the biggest Scientology fan. In fact, on occasion I’ve been known to actively bring the truth regarding the Church of $cientology to the people.

But then, I am not a fan of several other wildly popular cults that bully and goad people with guilt and manipulation. Not that I would ever stop or discourage anyone from joining or practicing however they saw fit. Certainly, if I was in Rome I’d probably be dressing as the Pope, and handing out information on how the Bible and especially the New Testament is a manifestation of the church and not any kind of divine manifesto.

But seeing as I am in Central Florida, relatively close to the hub of all things LRH, I don an alien mask and welding gloves and hand out toys and literature to children.

So when I heard that there was a new group taking up the standard to expose $cientology, I was naturally interested.

I wasn’t at all surprising however to find that it was ‘Anonymous’.

Anonymous isn’t a particular group, in fact, it’s more like an anti-group, for which it seems the only membership requirement is to ‘get it’. Anonymous has long been a name associated with imageboards like 4chan where numerous internet phenomenon as well as a fair amount of perversion have sprung forth. 4chan and its ilk are also popular as a headquarters for griefers of all kinds. These imageboards are divided into channels, these invaders often congregated in the “/b/” random channel, or the more telling “/i/” invasion channel.

It wouldn’t be the first time ‘chan’ started a meme and then cursed themselves over it, we needn’t be reminded of Caturday. However, in a long history of being the soul victim of its own /b/, losing Anonymous might be ‘chan”s greatest practical joke on itself.

When the interweb prophet, Warren Ellis, commented on this phenomenon yesterday, I knew it was bound to be big. And now as I see the pro-Co$ group under the name “Regime” attacking non chan sites like”Partyvan” and “Encyclopedia Dramatica” (don’t bother, ED is farked) I can see that the Co$ is taking the fight to the source.

I hope this serves to make people realize that despite the original organizers calling it quits, the power of this distributed network of attackers shows its colors as a less harmful metaphor for a war of ‘ethics’ Americans are dying for right now. Anonymous is Co$’s Al-Qaeda. Maybe our government can learn a lesson in the way this plays out.