An open letter to Sirius/XM

Dear Sirs,

When I first got Sirius I always commented that the one thing it was missing was a regular Industrial/Punk channel like XM. I was elated when Sirius started a Punk channel and thought it was some kind of practical joke when just a few months in, it became the AC/DC channel. WTF!!

Then, when XM joined Sirius, I thought that we would finally see XM’s industrial/goth/punk catalog mated to Sirius and we would have a channel dedicated to this genre and provide some reprieve beyond the smattering of songs on Faction between the endless insipid yapping and the token show on Sunday nights at 10PM on 1st Wave.

I don’t tend to write in complaints but I guess this has finally seethed to the surface, I know I can’t be the only one. Please give this silent group something of our own and consider a some kind of dedicated goth/industrial/punk channel, I know there is no shortage of material on your Prophet system.

Thank you,