4Play Clock for January 16th, 2008

  • Intro – Intro music and welcome to the show:
  • Gary: Hi, this is Gary Holmes and I drink a lot. Gary Holmes here, over to that guy.
  • Chris: Hey, this is the Uberbastard filling in for Gary’s dead air.
  • Guests in the Studio – Every week making the ladies feel awkward and uncomfortable
  • Barenjager – The honey goodness…
  • What and Where… – We’re drinking! So what’s the beverage du jour and where are we?
  • Cautionary tale of woe! – A QUICK tale of when booze got one of us or both of us in trouble and how YOU can avoid it.
  • Uber’s story.
  • News in Booze! –  A few drinking related news bits to spawn ridicule and laughter.
  • Top ten drunk authors
  • http://www.alternativereel.com/includes/top-ten/display_review.php?id=00075
  • Stuff
  • Dead Strippers sell no tail! – Something about us and strippers every week.
  • Taking your girlfriend to a strip club.  If you work there or go there a lot, not a good idea.
  • Weekly Blue Collar Booze pairing!
  • Boozeventure! Where we are drinking next, and where to find us!
  • Tapps?

Closing – Say goodnight Gracie