Hot Scientist du Jour, Dr. Karen Kosiba

There is only one thing that is better than Googling Hot Scientists and checking out their bodies… of work.

That is when one of the single hottest scientists I’ve EVER seen shows up on your doorstep with a mobile phased array radar.

I give you Dr. Karen Ann Kosiba and her hot, throbbing X Banned Penetrating R-ADAR

Dr. Karen and her Penetrating Radar
Hand ‘VORTEXed’ to protect the innocent


A little background on our Hot Doctor Twister Tester.  She’s a good midwestern girl, gaining her undergraduate degree in Chicago before running off to the wiles of Ohio for her post grad work, she started doing field work at CSWR towards her PhD in 2003 and finally completed her PhD in 2009 as one of the esteemed Boilermakers of Purdue U. The title of her

Her dissertation is entitled: A Comparison of Radar Observations to Real Data Simulations of Axisymmetric Tornadoes, it’s obviously an analysis of the axisymmetric three-dimensional wind field in a tornado using mobile radar observations. Sounds exciting and I’m sure it’s full of fancy colorful animations of vortexes which are best viewed under the influence of hallucinogenics.

Fun Fact: Purdue University has produced 22 astronauts including Neil Armstrong.

Dr. Karen is now a senior meteorologist with the Center for Severe Weather Research, Boulder, Colorado.

She sounds of angels, here’s some video of her being passionate!

OK, one more, does she ever stop smiling? I just want to put her in my pocket for a rainy day, especially if there is a chance of tornadoes.

She’s been on tour promoting the IMAX movie “Tornado Alley” which has been premiering around the country.

Sorry to be so short but I need to go, I’m plotting some turbulence in my pants…