Hot Scientist du Jour, Tracy Caldwell Dyson

Good catch recently by the Renaissance Man, Big Mike Davis. He asked if I could include Dr. Tracy Caldwell Dyson to our ever growing list of Hot Scientists. I was happy to oblige after reading up on this certifiable rocket scientist. We’ve been checking out Hot Scientists for a few years now. Some of them, more hot than others, but nothing is hotter than a Hot Astronaut Scientist. The idea of her lady bits floating about in microgravity makes at least part of me defy gravity.

Dr. Dyson received her PhD in Chemistry from UC Davis. It’s apparent that by Chemistry, we’re talking Sex Appeal, I mean how many pictures of people in spacesuits make you want to crawl in there with them? She could be the only person that can make Mass Spectrometer sound erotic.

Dr. Tracy Caldwell Dyson

This Aggie first made it to space on STS 118 back in 2007 which rendezvoused with the ISS. She already had a taste for borscht from years of training in Russia so when the Russians offered her a ride back up to the ISS for an extended vacation that included more spacewalking than Michael Jackson. She spent nearly6 months floating about ‘experimenting’ like some UConn Sorority girl.

This hot brainiac was bringing sexy back to the International Space Station.  I can’t be sure, but if there was anyone who would know what the ‘beast with two backs’ looks like in space, I’m thinking it’s this sexy scientist.

Yeah she’s married, but she could be just a beard for her Navy pilot husband, because Tom Cruise outed Navy pilots everywhere after Top Gun, I mean come on, his partner was GOOSE. Anyway, I’m sure she would be more than happy to answer all these questions since she is on the lecture circuit and you would be remiss not to bring this up.

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