Hot Scientist du Jour, Jeanne Cavelos

I’m sorry for not giving you more Hot Scientists to drool over, it seems like the more I unearth, the more well-composed, nasty, anonymous emails I get saying I haven’t acknowledged the hotness of some other female scientist. Well I promise to give you more, I have a few special lady Docs for the near future. Stay Tuned.

Well enough of this, today’s siren of science is Jeanne Cavelos. I’m breaking my own rules here but I thought this fun-loving astrophysicist was worth mentioning despite not having the usual requisite PhD behind her name. By her own description she’s a writer, editor, scientist, teacher and rampant herpiphile. She might be, but if you’re looking for an abstract of her work in astrophysics, you might have more luck in the Science Fiction section of your local Borders. You see, those interesting people into pulp novels based on SciFi TV series and fan/fic or whatever it’s called these days might be more familiar with her work. 

She’s a prolific writer now but started her career working in the Astronaut Training Program @ Johnson Space Center. These days she helps other writers with retreats to help you discover the closeted fanfic author within or next SYFY channel movie writer (if you can tell them apart). And could possibly be the foremost authority on bumping uglies in space without actually having been there.