Hot Scientist du Jour: Neri Oxman

I was anonymously chastised recently for not keeping up to date with the latest Hot Scientists. Truth is I’ve been very busy with work, buying a new home and pursuing my own degree, so please people, give me a damned break. I didn’t even think people read this tripe.

Regardless, apparently the latest científico caliente is a hot Material Scientist named Neri Oxman. She’s a PhD out of MIT with a specialty in some kind of adaptive material design, she’s so specialized she had to create her own vocabulary, her new word… Materialecology. What does that mean? As far as I can figure it means she has a Doctorate in Beanbag Chairs. That’s OK though, because I understand that UConn is giving out PhD’s in Comic Books . Personally, I’m planning my dissertation around seducing seafood… not the seductive nature of seafood, but rather the practice of shellfish seduction.

Speaking of seduction, back to Neri. She straddles the scientific and art world with her tactile installations of breathing buildings that not only look good, but I’m guessing, feel good too. So she’s thinking about breaking down the ideas behind building… well buildings and developing the kind of design paradigms that would give Frank Lloyd Wright a chubby. Personally, all I can think about is her beautifully sculpted alabaster jawline, her full bodied and untamed brunette mane and her impeccable taste in dinner companions.

So in closing and in the interest of continuing the theme from this year’s World Science Fest, the closest nekkidness I could find with a common name was the Italian Scream Queen, Rosalba Neri. Enjoy and I promise more Hot Scientist Babes in the near future…