An open letter to Sirius/XM

Dear Sirs,

When I first got Sirius I always commented that the one thing it was missing was a regular Industrial/Punk channel like XM. I was elated when Sirius started a Punk channel and thought it was some kind of practical joke when just a few months in, it became the AC/DC channel. WTF!!

Then, when XM joined Sirius, I thought that we would finally see XM’s industrial/goth/punk catalog mated to Sirius and we would have a channel dedicated to this genre and provide some reprieve beyond the smattering of songs on Faction between the endless insipid yapping and the token show on Sunday nights at 10PM on 1st Wave.

I don’t tend to write in complaints but I guess this has finally seethed to the surface, I know I can’t be the only one. Please give this silent group something of our own and consider a some kind of dedicated goth/industrial/punk channel, I know there is no shortage of material on your Prophet system.

Thank you,

Hot Scientist Du Jour, Fiorella Terenzi

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi is an astronomer who doesn’t fit into the usual mold of sky-gazers. So much so I had to ask myself “Is she for real?” She must be since you can buy 8″ X 10″ glossies of her face on her website. That’s right, another gratuitous self-promoter, but I guess you need to hawk everything you can to keep up her jet-setting lifestyle.

I mean SERIOUSLY! Who does she think she is, Buckaroo Bonzai? She runs around the world playing scientist, kung fu artist, recording artist, and social diva. She keeps company with celebrities and has composed with the likes of Herbie Hancock and Thomas Dolby, even Timothy Leary has drank this girl’s Koolaid.

She is relatively famous for making astronomy an aural experience, taking the spectral measurements of space and translating them to sound.

As for the experimental nekkidness there is only one Fiorella that can match the personality of this astronomer and do it bare-assed. That is the surreal Fiorella Saeda, she has the out-of-this-world features that compliment this otherworldly scientist.

I hope you enjoyed the World Science Festival and thank you for taking part in this experiment…

Hot Scientist Du Jour, Amanda Peet

When you discuss String Theory, which I’m sure you do on rainy Saturday afternoons, you can’t go long before discussing the work of Dr. Amanda Peet. She’s one of the new school of theorists that believe we are actually all holograms, here are her notes on the idea. Don’t laugh, it’s still at least as plausible as a zombie christ born of a virgin mother.

Dr. Peet is a little camera shy, and I’m sure this picture doesn’t do her justice. However, I know within that mousey exterior lies a real sexy tiger, ready to pounce. And pounce she does, like I, she is an ardent supporter of women in science as such I’m sure she would be excited about having an Erdos-Bacon number approaching Danica_McKellar. Of course that’s based on Dr. Amanda Peet having the same name as the castrating bitch from the movie “Saving Silverman”.

That brings us to the nekkid part, as the other Amanda Peet is far less shy, there are several naughty pics to choose from. The comic is from the geeks over at Abstruse Goose with a little photochopping literary license on my part. .

There is some irony to this however as there is an active child vaccination feud between actress Amanda Peet and one Jenny McCarthy, who I had mentioned with regards to metallurgist hottie, Jennifer McCarty. I’ll tell you right now, the girl with the gun above is definitely the more rational.

Hot Scientist Du Jour, Dava Newman

When I first started checking out Dr. Newman for this experiment, I had flashbacks to Buck Rogers and the hot little Captain Dearing, not because they look anything alike but it was the first time I thought of space as potentially sexy (well OK I lied, there were those Orion slave girls on Star Trek).

You see Dr. Newman is a Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems at MIT and her thrust 😉 is making space or extraterrestrial suits more functional and form fitting. End result, She’s well on her way to making space SEXY, just like Erin Grey!

Example 1:

This is Dr. Dava in her Sexy Space Suit, now if you’re thinking like me, you are wondering how do you pee in this thing. If you aren’t thinking like me you are wondering if she plans on wearing her Asics sneakers on Mars.

Now I know I promised a sexy nekkid girl with the same first name, but I guess there aren’t a lot of women named Dava running out and getting nekkid on the web. So instead I give you hot Vulcan scientist Jolene Blalock riding Buck Roger’s Ship.

If that’s not sexy enough, call management.

Hot Scientist du Jour, Kirsten Sanford

Today’s Hot Scientist is Kirsten Sanford, holds a B.S. in Conservation Biology and a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology from U.C. Davis. Now when I say that Dr. Sanford is busy, it is no exaggeration. She’s a radio host, a contributer to The Skeptic Blog, and supposedly is producing her own web TV Show. Dr. Kiki isn’t trapped in some lab clinking beakers together, she is getting out and putting a pretty face on neuroscience. And what a pretty face it is…

But seriously I should probably put up a more flattering picture because Dr. Kiki isn’t just a hot ass Brain Brainiac, she’s also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and would probably love to beat me up. (I would let her, I hear TKD artists are really flexible, rawr.)

But we’re here about the science and Dr Kiki is too, she regularly hosts a radio show called “This Week in Science” which isn’t as dry as it sounds. Check it out, she’s as fun as she looks!

Now for the obligatory nudity! Here’s some irony… There is this hot strawberry blonde who is running around the web showing the world where she keeps her extra brains with the same name, Kiki Sanford.

Imagine that…