Work it girl

I happened to turn to the TV to find out I was watching “America’s Next Top Model”. I think it was some kind of rerun of the season opener since there was an inordinate amount of girls crying. I don’t mind the occasional girl crying on TV but I realized I have a limit of 20 women crying, anything over that drives me to writing inflammatory tweets.

I wasn’t really paying attention but I was told it was ‘fierce’, I don’t know what models and ‘fierce’ have in common. I’ve never known a clothes hanger to be fierce outside the grip of Joan Crawford. I once met a girl who did some modeling who happened to be fierce, but that had more to do with the black eye she laid on me then her ability to deliver a convincing GRRR! face.

I was also educated that fierce isn’t just an adjective, but apparently ‘fierce’ can be any part of speech. It’s true because someone on TV said it. I won’t get into that rant, but I am confused about the show. Am I wrong or is the whole program based around making people who think they are models look completely ridiculous, I mean this show seems to be very self-serving and doesn’t appear to have anything to do with fashion other than being driven by women with daddy issues and men who have no particular use for women.

Don’t you think straight men should have some influence in an industry primarily designed to be utilized to get their attention? Why does this all seem wrong? Should I get involved?