Calling Doctor Fancypants

I decided to test my medical insurance the other day with one of my comprehensive annual exams where I prove I’m as healthy as a horse.  Guess what, I am, a very fat and lazy horse.

I like people who think out of the box so it was no surprise when I asked for a referral they knew exactly who to send me to, ‘Dr. Brentley’ is young doctor, younger than me and his practice is brand new. He was familiar with TCM and was eager for new patients, in a world where you could wait 6 weeks for an appointment I thought this was exactly what I was looking for…

My surprise came during the exam, you see Dr. Brentley is probably 120 lbs with shoes on. He grabs the little earlight and when the thing didn’t work he muttered “Shit”. He was mortified as he discovered I had overheard his outburst and went on a 5 minute apology asking me not to tell on him. I explained that probably every doctor says ‘shit’ occasionally. I was a little concerned that I was the one comforting him, I thought that was his job. But that didn’t last as he informed me that I had reached the age where it was important to check my prostate. I informed him that Amy spends a good deal of time down there, but he insisted that it was medically necessary. It was at this point that I was curious about his training in alternative medicine.

I included a picture of  the procedure.

In other medical news, I took my Irish bartender to the hospital the other day. He broke his hand being Irish. I’m afraid that the diagnosis was terminal, he will undoubtedly die of being Irish.

I’ve been following the White House Blog and was interested in their views on Health Care reform, here’s the article for your perusal.

Is this 140 characters or less?.?..


30 Rock quote of the day, “Lemon, don’t you have a slanket you should be filling with farts”

I came to bed to hear some BBC pompous English announcers discuss Ben Affleck’s ability as a movie’s potential antagonist, I think I want to stab myself with a spork.

Here is my ass in bed, now.

Is trhis visceral enough for you???