Hot for some 4Play?

As many of you know, the Legendary Gary Holmes and I have been giving up some hot podcast radio action nearly every Wednesday for about a year. Our newest toy is giving up hot cam action on Ustream.

Tonight it’s Sanford Wine Company

Gary and I will be torturing the natives and drinking it up at this local watering hole tonight.

The Sanford Wine Company
is located in the beautiful Historic Art District
of downtown Sanford, Florida at;
114 South Palmetto Avenue
Phone 407-302-8620

We’ll be broadcasting our 4Play internet radio show LIVE!

Anonymous v. Co$

As most of you know, I am not the biggest Scientology fan. In fact, on occasion I’ve been known to actively bring the truth regarding the Church of $cientology to the people.

But then, I am not a fan of several other wildly popular cults that bully and goad people with guilt and manipulation. Not that I would ever stop or discourage anyone from joining or practicing however they saw fit. Certainly, if I was in Rome I’d probably be dressing as the Pope, and handing out information on how the Bible and especially the New Testament is a manifestation of the church and not any kind of divine manifesto.

But seeing as I am in Central Florida, relatively close to the hub of all things LRH, I don an alien mask and welding gloves and hand out toys and literature to children.

So when I heard that there was a new group taking up the standard to expose $cientology, I was naturally interested.

I wasn’t at all surprising however to find that it was ‘Anonymous’.

Anonymous isn’t a particular group, in fact, it’s more like an anti-group, for which it seems the only membership requirement is to ‘get it’. Anonymous has long been a name associated with imageboards like 4chan where numerous internet phenomenon as well as a fair amount of perversion have sprung forth. 4chan and its ilk are also popular as a headquarters for griefers of all kinds. These imageboards are divided into channels, these invaders often congregated in the “/b/” random channel, or the more telling “/i/” invasion channel.

It wouldn’t be the first time ‘chan’ started a meme and then cursed themselves over it, we needn’t be reminded of Caturday. However, in a long history of being the soul victim of its own /b/, losing Anonymous might be ‘chan”s greatest practical joke on itself.

When the interweb prophet, Warren Ellis, commented on this phenomenon yesterday, I knew it was bound to be big. And now as I see the pro-Co$ group under the name “Regime” attacking non chan sites like”Partyvan” and “Encyclopedia Dramatica” (don’t bother, ED is farked) I can see that the Co$ is taking the fight to the source.

I hope this serves to make people realize that despite the original organizers calling it quits, the power of this distributed network of attackers shows its colors as a less harmful metaphor for a war of ‘ethics’ Americans are dying for right now. Anonymous is Co$’s Al-Qaeda. Maybe our government can learn a lesson in the way this plays out.

Presidential Debate

I’ve often mocked people who think ‘live blogging’ an event is cool and trendy. So here I am sitting in front of the TV watching the debate and Googling celebrity nip slips (I know, so last year). I decided instead to be productive, not with some mindless minute by minute report. I will watch the debate and make a general impression of the candidate and then use Google Image Search to find the appropriate picture that represents my impression.

I’ve put them in order of their position on stage rather than by preference. To the left is the way they want to present themselves, to the right is my impression.

I task you with interpreting my impression in the comments.

Mitt Romney


John McCain


Rudy Guiliani


Ron Paul


Mike Huckabee


OK, this is beginning to piss me off

Murder suspect Eric Burton became a public eyesore at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday when five digital billboards began broadcasting his face across Central Florida.The faces of the region’s most notorious fugitives will reach tens of thousands of motorists daily as part of an advertising push in support of Crimeline, the cash-for-tips crime-fighting program.

“It’s absolutely huge for us,” Crimeline coordinator Barb Bergin said after Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and police Chief Val Demings unveiled a billboard mock-up at police headquarters. “The more people who see them, the more cases we can help solve.”

This is just the kind of notoriety that a career criminal needs to continue being a menace to society. In this celebrity culture, what a lofty goal for young scumbags to aspire to one day get their face splashed on a billboard. There is no shame in that game. Good job Buddy, now every young aspiring criminal can think he’s Robin Hood.

Buddy Dyer is running a campaign based on ‘Safer streets’ all while theft and violent crime have spiraled out of control in our ‘City Beautiful’. Obviously he doesn’t live in the same Orlando as the rest of us.

How about instead of scaring residents into defending themselves we have a few more convictions for violent crime, more community policing by motivated cops that can tell the good guys from the bad, and exercise some of that equipment sitting in warehouses bought with Homeland Security money.

What did I do at work today?

I let slip in casual conversation today that I was in the process of securing a house in Durham, NC. The whisper stream in my company took approximately five minutes for this information to reach the company’s president. He asked me when exactly I planned on leaving and then showed me a description of my job, a description that certainly didn’t exist when I started.

I spent the day revising and streamlining this description to something that could be posted online to find a replacement. I finally was able to trim it just under four pages as soon as I had deleted under ‘Duties’ the following:

“Integration Manager will provide CEO with daily anal tongue bath”

Anyone want a job?